UNSCR 1325 – Learn about women´s rights

Due to the fact that women are still largely excluded from important decisions in politics, economy and society in the 21st century, the United Nations passed a milestone resolution in October 2000 with UNSCR 1325.

UNSCR 1325 urges Member States of the United Nations “to ensure increased representation of women at all decision-making levels in national, regional and international institutions and mechanisms for the prevention, management, and resolution of conflict”.

The right of women to a life free of violence, to equal access to education and resources, the empowerment of women as actors in political, social and economic life are only some of the most important agreements that apply globally and of course also to Palestine and Israel. Inspiring documents can be found in the 1325 Library. The following video by the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders offers a general overview,


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