Online Survey

Survey in June 2022 

We want to learn how to better organise ourselves to influence political processes.

What contributions have newspaper articles, letters to parliamentarians, facebook entries, videos on Youtube or other means of public relations made?

Which media support women’s right to participate in the peace process, which politicians and which diplomats are on our side ?

On March 08,  women´s international day, we need to be visible and audible in large numbers on the streets. Politicians must no longer ignore and overhear us.

Let´s prepare for this.

A collection of this survey will be taken into publications and serve as inspirations for women’s topics at the negotiation table.

Suggestions for Activities
  • send letters to Parliamentarians
  • call for women´s participation on facebook …..
  • invite women to 1325 parties
  • show movies like; Pray the devil back to hell“
  • become a politician
  • paintings, songs, films – you are so creative
  • connect to Women´s NGO´s
  • never be discouraged. You are the change !