Online Survey

The survey will start on  June 15th, 2021

This project invites women to share concrete suggestions, what they want to see in any kind of a 1325 Peace Accord. This is an invitation to talk about women’s politics. 

Share your voice!
What would you like to discuss in peace negotiations? 

Questionnaire 1  Israeli and Palestinian women

Questionnaire 2  International women 

We are interested in responses from women with a high degree of empathy, with a high level of social competence, who are not limited in their “identity” but are boundless in their humanity, spirituality, creativity and who sketch new ways of living together.

A collection of this survey will be taken into publications and serve as inspirations for women’s topics at the negotiation table.

Invitation 1 Israel Palestine

Share concrete suggestions, what you want to see in any kind of a Woman’s Peace Accord.
Talk politics!

Invitation 2 Internationals

How can internationals support Israeli and Palestinian women in their approach towards meaningful participation.