Letters to 100 Governments

On the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of UNSCR 1325 in October 2022, women from Palestine, Israel and the international community will send calls to the foreign offices and embassies of 100 nations to request support for a 1325-Peace-Accord. 

Resolving conflicts by peaceful means, the right of the next generation to grow up without violence plus the chances of a respectful neighbourhood are good reasons for a proactive diplomatic support.

We are convinced that countries such as Finland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada or Germany, who highlight the Women, Peace & Security Agenda, will pick up this unique chance of “peacebuilding by partnership”. 

The synergy of women, wisdom and UNSCR 1325 has the potential to create a win-win solution for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

With the letters we call on governments to become ACTIVE and to secure a place for peace-promoting, socially competent, empathetic decision-makers in peace negotiations.


If you have direct contact to high level politicians who should be contacted, please let us know.

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